Japan is a strato volcanic archipelago of 6,852 islands. The four largest are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku, which make up about ninety-seven percent of Japan’s land area. Japan’s population of 126 million is the world’s tenth largest. Approximately 9.1 million people live in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, which is the second largest city proper in the OECD. The Greater Tokyo Area, which includes the de facto capital of Tokyo and several surrounding prefectures, is the world’s largest metropolitan area with over 35 million residents and the world’s largest urban agglomeration economy.
Japan is a member of the UN, the G7, the G8, and the G20. Japan is a great power. It is also the world’s fifth-largest exporter and fifth-largest importer The Japanese population enjoys the highest life expectancy of any country in the world and the third lowest infant mortality rate. Japan is the highest ranked Asian country in the Global Peace Index.
The country has the world’s third-largest economy by nominal GDP and the world’s fourth-largest economy by purchasing power parity. Japan ranked first in the Country Brand Index. Japan is a developed country with a high standard of living, and the country is ranked high in the Human Development Index.
Why Absolute Language Consultancy?
ALC mainly focus on giving their student best language experience that not any other consultancy can give i.e. to learn languages from native speaker; to teach Japanese Language in Pokhara we have teachers from Japan who have stayed there for more than 18+ years. ALC target not only to teach our students Japanese language in Pokhara but also to teach them Japanese culture, life style and much more which will help them in future when they pursue in Japan.

Why Pursue In Japan ??

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    Although Japan is usually self-sufficient in rice (except for its use in making rice crackers and processed foods) and wheat, the country must import about 50% of its requirements of other grain and fodder crops and relies on imports for half of its supply of meat. Japan imports large quantities of wheat and soybeans. Japan is the 5th largest market for EU agricultural exports. Over 90% of mandarin oranges in Japan are grown in Japan. Apples are also grown due to restrictions on apple imports.

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    Automobile Manufacturing

    Japan is the third biggest producer of automobiles in the world. Toyota is currently the world largest car maker, and the Japanese car makers Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, and Mazda also count for some of the largest car makers in the world.

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    The Tokyo Stock Exchange is the fourth largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization, as well as the 2nd largest stock market in Asia, with 2,292 listed companies. The Nikkei 225 and the TOPIX are the two important stock market indexes of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Stock Exchange, another major stock exchange in Japan, merged on January 1, 2013, creating one of the world’s largest stock exchanges. Other stock exchanges in Japan include the Nagoya Stock Exchange, Fukuoka Stock Exchange and Sapporo Securities Exchange.